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Do you want to join our Girl Gang

Hi, let’s go walk the trail together!

For those of you who are joining us, we’ve put together a handy guide for the route we are taking. It’s meant to be a guide, so please feel free to go your own way.

This walk is for women to raise awareness about safety on the Centennial Trail. You can express that how you choose.

But we really can’t wait to meet you on the trail.

Here is a Google Doc link to our trail guide. Share it with others!

Please reach out if you have any questions [email protected] 

You can comment on our FB event page for ride-sharing and organizing. Your involvement is encouraged!

We will have limited t-shirts and merch to pass out but lots of pins and stickers so look for the pins.

See you out there!

And Happy International Women’s Day let’s remember that no woman is free until we are all free.

We love you.

Team Pchy 🍑