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🥾 Come walk with us!

Pchy is hitting the Centennial Trail in Washington State

Oh hello, friends!

As many of you know, we’ve been working with a design team that is helping to elevate the Pchy brand as we work to build a premier review site and mobile app for women seeking safety information about locations, businesses, and more.

They even created a custom Pchy character that will serve as an in-app guide and adventure buddy. We are still working on a name, but we are leaning toward, Keen. As in, Pchy Keen! What do you think?

Also, please notice the gorgeous typography for our newsletter heading 🥹 *swoon.

What else is in the newsletter today

  • Come walk the Centennial Trail with us!

  • That’s all because it’s really important! 🙏

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Pchy is planning to take back the trail 💪

We’ve discussed the Centennial Trail in Washington State in one of our most recent newsletters.

The Centennial Trail is a 40-mile paved trail for foot and bike traffic that spans between Washington and Idaho and has 18 trailheads and sections to enjoy. It’s massively beautiful and a treasured feature in the Spokane, WA area.

If you aren’t familiar, Spokane WA is an Eastern Washington city. Neighboring Idaho, Spokane residents can head over the border in about a twenty-minute drive. Most people think of rain and Seattle when they think of Washington State, but Spokane is lucky to enjoy four seasons and lots of sunny days.😎

Many women in Spokane feel unsafe walking sections of the trail alone because of the history of attacks on the trail and violence against women.

And we are going to change that.

Come walk with us!

Pchy is planning to walk the trail to raise awareness about women’s safety on the Centennial Trail.

It will be a three-day walk starting from the Trailhead at Nine Mile Falls and ending at the Idaho border. Roughly 37- miles and about 13 miles a day.

At night Pchy will post up in local hotels along the route but rides will be arranged for walkers who want to go home and sleep in their own bed.

We are making “TAKE THE TRAIL BACK” t-shirts and hats for anyone who wants to join us and are mapping out our route to include access points for walkers to drop in or out. In the evenings we will have dinner together and discuss safety for walkers, hikers, and women doing whatever they want to. And how Pchy can help.

We’d love it if you would come walk with us.

The dates are tentative as we work out the details but we are aiming for:

Friday, April 5th

and ending on Sunday, April 7th

Please email us at [email protected] or reply to this email if you have questions or suggestions.

We will update you via this newsletter as soon as we have every detail worked out.

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How cute are these stickers?

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Till next week! We love you!

Team Pchy 🍑