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  • 🧐 Airbnb bans indoor cameras

🧐 Airbnb bans indoor cameras

So this means there were indoor cameras before the ban? Cool cool

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  • Airbnb has banned indoor cameras

  • How to detect hidden cameras

  • What is Femtech? and the future of feminist technology

Airbnb bans all indoor security cameras

Big news from the vacation rental scene!

Airbnb recently announced a global ban on indoor security cameras in its listings. This decision comes after numerous reports of hidden cameras over the years, sparking concerns about guest privacy.

A freaky thought considering we’ve stayed at hundreds of Airbnb vacation rentals in the past.

Or this group of women who found a hidden camera in an outlet.


Thank you Tiktok for saving the day #airbnb #stalker #hiddencameras #creepy

While most of Airbnb's listings — with over 7 million worldwide — claim they don't feature indoor security cameras, this policy change underscores the company's commitment to safeguarding guest privacy.

Previously, indoor cameras were permitted in common areas if disclosed before booking, but now, they're totally off-limits.

Effective April 30, the revised policy also tightens regulations on outdoor security cameras and other surveillance devices, mandating full disclosure to guests before booking. Certain areas, like saunas, will be off-limits for outdoor cameras to uphold guest privacy expectations.

Have you ever booked a hot spring in Wonder Valley, CA, and sat in the outdoor tub with cameras directly on you? It definitely takes away from the peace and solitude.

But we had to ask: Why are we just now banning indoor cameras?

Ensuring safety for women is a crucial health concern that cannot be overlooked in today's society. Tech giants and big tech companies have a responsibility to prioritize women's safety in their products and services.

By incorporating features that enhance personal security, data protection, and privacy, we can contribute to creating a safer world for all women and gender minorities.

Platforms like Pchy are pioneering feminist technology by developing tools specifically designed to empower and protect women.

As we continue to navigate the complex intersection of gender, safety, and technology, both individuals and corporations need to advocate for inclusive solutions that prioritize the well-being of women. By harnessing the power of technology responsibly, we can create a safer world for all.

How to detect hidden cameras 🔍

Did you know TikTok (Also TikTok might not be available to us in the US for long) is buzzing with tips on uncovering hidden cameras? Cybersecurity guru and former hacker Marcus Hutchins shared his insights in a viral video, racking up 5 million views!

Hutchins suggests looking out for suspiciously placed devices and shining a bright light at them. "If you hit a camera lens, it's going to give a blue-ish reflection," he explains.

  1. Look for anything suspicious in your surroundings, like out-of-place objects or rearranged items.

  2. Check for lights in dark rooms—some cameras have small LED lights that blink in the dark.

  3. Shine a flashlight around the room to spot reflections from camera lenses.

  4. Test mirrors by placing your fingertip on them—no gap between your finger and its reflection means it might be a two-way mirror.

  5. Use your smartphone camera to detect infrared light, a common feature of hidden cameras.

  6. Scan your Wi-Fi network for unknown devices that could be cameras.

  7. Listen for signal interference during phone calls, which may indicate a hidden camera nearby.

  8. Download a hidden camera detector app from your device's app store.

  9. Consider investing in a specialized hidden camera detector for thorough searches.

  10. When in doubt, hire a professional to ensure your space is camera-free!

Take a look at more tips on TikTok.

What is femtech?

Have you heard about the femtech revolution? It's a game-changer for women's health, and we're here to spill the tea on this groundbreaking movement!

Femtech is all about using technology to address the unique health needs of women. From period trackers to fertility apps, femtech is shaking up the healthcare industry and empowering women to take control of their well-being.

But here's the deal: Despite its massive potential, femtech still faces some major roadblocks. Issues like limited access to healthcare, lack of funding, and research gaps continue to hold back progress in women's health.

But fear not! There's a new wave of disrupters on the scene, led by fierce female leaders, researchers, and entrepreneurs. These trailblazers are driving innovation in femtech and paving the way for a brighter, healthier future.

Companies like Maven and Tia are leading the charge with innovative solutions tailored to women's needs. And with over 70% of femtech companies founded by women, the future looks female-powered and fabulous!

But the real magic of femtech lies in its potential to transform women's health on a global scale. With unicorn status already achieved by pioneers like Maven Clinic and Elvie, the femtech sector is primed for explosive growth and massive impact.

Pchy is proud to be joining the 1800 companies categorized under femtech and we are proud to be at the forefront of intersectional feminist technology to create lasting change and a better world.

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